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Depression or ADHD?

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Im in 7th grade and I'm 13 years old turning 14 in 01-03. Since 5th grade I started therapy for ADHD and my mom was worried and noticed. Yet, the other story aka depression, I've gotten that at age 6. That's when my daddy died and yes I still call him that. I never cried the day he passed away by stomach cancer, so all 7 years I've had regrets of that day. I was called gay/lesbian in 6th grade, last year for halve of the school year. And I was having trouble with attenchion since I started school. Mostly on homework. I already lost 5 friends less than 2 weeks and I was baker-acted for 3 nights 4 days because I self harm and I'm anerexic till this very moment. I always like staying locked at my room, on my phone or watching anime, at school I'm that silly weird super nice tomboy girl, well that's what I've heard and known, and most friends and myself know deep down I'm depressed. So I get lots of attenchion because they need to keep an eye on me if I do anything wrong. I really wanna know if I have depression or ADHD that caused this reaction in my life. I'm taking pills for depression, it stars with a z and it's on 50. But but it's only helping a very tiny bit. So what exacly is this? Did ADHD caused me to have depression AND ADHD together or was it depression?
asked Dec 18, 2013 in Depression by Mia Sarah
recategorized Dec 18, 2013 by DeniseC

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If you are able to text a forum about something you are taking medicines for and you have had therapy, maybe writing a letter to the doctor with your questions is where you get your answers. Another choice is the library with books that may give you a clearer understanding why the forum would do more harm than good in understanding a health problem. Know that sometimes you should have a face to face discussion of problems with someone you trust.
answered Dec 19, 2013 by The.Sage Inquisitive Expert (93,460 points)


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