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forgive me but is being jealous over someone who you have only been talking to for a lil bit after a month?

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Okay so last night I have been scanning through my Facebook feeds and came across someone I very much like's post. Talking to one of his friends (who was a women) about going out watching a movie and spending time together for new years. Since we haven't met but have already vowed to meet in L.A. I got a little upset and things escalated from there. Apparently she had a bf. But then he tagged me in a post about his trip in hong Kong saying how he met beautiful tiwan women and asked if any girl would like to cuddle with him and watch movie. Ofc he made it seem like a joke. But it made my jealousy far more worse. And I just feel so awful reacting the way I did. And yet he wont reply to me. But I think its because he is on his way back to L.A.. please I need help. Did I just ruin things between us? Did i overreact? How do I show him theat im sorry? And doesn't being jealous mean your faithful and worry about his closeness with his female friends? We haven't met but plan to. Note he friend zoned me and yet I still feel I want him all to myself even though were far apart.
asked Dec 29, 2013 in Dating by Cheyenne stone

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Jealousy is such a thing that can drift away two people, so first thing first, stop being jealous and now to mend your ways and do the repair work it would not be that easy as you guys have never met each other and for sure not been so close, now it would be upto you how you deal with this situation, my suggestion would be to send a regretful acknowledgement to him and tell him about your feelings towards him.

answered Jan 31, 2014 by sallyb Inquisitive Expert (76,680 points)


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