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I got into a car accident & the other party's insurance claims full responsibility of the accident!!!

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I informed my agent about the accident, date, time, situation, and conditions along with that I had my 3 1/2 month baby daughter in the SUV with me!

I also noted that I had a witness and she never once stated that once baby seats & booster seats are required by law to be replaced immediately!!!

It was my sister & the other insurance cmpy that informed me of this law! My "Agent stated oh well you used them this long a few more days isn't going to hurt???

This was coming from the Agent whom I pay premiums too! The other insurance that agreed to pay for all damages was in disbelief that a Insurance Agent would not be on top of Provincal law & jeperdize the safety of a baby being 3 1/2 mths & a toddler only being 22 mths.

My question is how many other people has she informed the wrong information to such as myself. It wasn't until I presented her with a City Police Officer's Name & Badge number along with the bylaw # for the Provience did she back down.


I have yet to recieve a cheque for the car seats & stroller combo! This ordeal happened back in Sept 2013??

What should I do here she hasn't returned my calls before Christmas & I emailed her Boss for justification for her actions. You would think I would recieve this type of reception from the other party, but in this situation just the opposite???



asked Jan 5, 2014 in Auto Insurance by Frustrated

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