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Male guest brought an opened bottle of wine to my dinner party

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Met a guy on a dating site (Pedro) age 59 and went out with him a few times.  I asked him to be my guest to my dinner party (I'm a chef) whereby I was also inviting my 2 twin sons (age 44) and their wives whom he had never met.    Earlier that day, Peter had called me from Costco to tell me he was buying the wine and asked what I wanted and I said Chardonnay.  However,  he showed up with an OPENED bottle of Cabernet.  When I stated, "You brought me an Opened bottle of wine?...he responded by saying, "I had some last night and I'm cheap."   Then during the dinner (unbeknown to me at the time)  he kept on asking one of my sons to put the TV on to watch the football game .  My son who knows better, asked me sheepishly if it was alright to put it on for a few minutes w/o sound.  Annoyed,I said, "just for a few minutes."   Earlier that day when Peter mentioned it was "football Sunday", I was very clear that that there was not going to be any TV during dinner.  Also At dinner he conducted a "monologue" all about himself - never showing any interest in anyone else.  My question I tell him about his actions?   Should I even bother to see him again?

asked Jan 11, 2014 in Dating by Boston Baby

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I feel it is your personal decision, if you want to keep a relationship with him, than you need to sit and tell him politely that your behaviour was not acceptable on the dinner party and you need to change your approach towards such functions orelse has you said dont bother to see him again.
answered Jan 24, 2014 by sallyb Inquisitive Expert (76,680 points)
Thank you, but after all the other comments to drop him, I did.


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