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I keep woundering am I gay?

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Ok so I'm 18 and have been woundering for a few years now am I gay?I have had many girlfriends before but it doesn't feel right being with a girl.I have tryed comeing out to people I am close with but they all think I'm jokeing.I kissed a guy once and loved it but I was in dinial about it and hid it from everyone.I also LOVE painting my nails  I try to paint them every chance I get but I hide ot from everyone
asked Sep 30, 2012 in Gay by anonymous

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Honey, :) you are amazing. You are wonderful, and you are YOU. :) of course you are gay. That's what's so special about you. Sweetheart, if you love a boy you should tell him and don't worry about what other people think, because if they don't approve, why should they matter at all? I know there are people who's opinions you care about, but they will learn to get over it if they truly care about you. :) being gay is a wonderful thing, :) and this is coming from someone who's strait.
answered Nov 4, 2012 by anonymous
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This is from a gay. You gay so what embrace it bro. I love kissin guys and if you do to that's cool. And for your friends they can accept it or they won't. I haven't told my friends but you gave me inspiration. Thank You
answered Jun 16, 2013 by anonymous
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Just stay true to yourself 


answered Jan 11, 2014 by Donnie G.


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