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How do I know he is telling the truth about liking me?

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How do I know he is telling the truth about liking me? Here is my story, we dated back in 2012 for ten months straight. We broke up in that December and got back together in June of 2013. Ever since we have off and on. My problem is he told me recently that he still likes me. I have a hard time believing him because there have been times when he has told my friends that he likes them his exact words were "oh I love you so much your so beautiful" so in other words you can call him a flirt, but later he would come out say "I didn't really like you, that's gross, you really believed me?" and he never really said anything else about it to them. I'm just wondering if he really does mean what he says. We're still broken up, but it's really hard to move on. I have liked him for so long it just feels impossible to move on from him. Any advice would be great, thank you. 

asked Jan 20, 2014 in Dating by anonymous

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I gues when you really love him, you should sit with him on a serious conversation and ask him if he would want to continue the relationship on a serious note and if he is ok with it, i feel you should give him another chance as you love him to the core.
answered Jan 24, 2014 by sallyb Inquisitive Expert (76,680 points)
I agree with sallyb , and that way u will know where u stand in this relationship.. Ask him wat does he want and how he truly feels about you, that way u wouldn't feel this way..
PS..I have pretty much the same doubts about my relationship. It going on two years and I still feel something wrong ..u will see my question soon..good luck luck don't be afraid to confront the matter ..


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