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Did i have a Panic Attack

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So i woke up 30 minutes after i had fallen asleep and i woke up with a really fast heartbeat, heavy shaking, and for about 2 seconds i didnt know where i was. I woke up turned the light on and drank water and began to breath slowly. It went away after about 5 minutes. Ive seen postings that people have had the same thing and that it's a panic attack. They added that their toes an fingers were numb. I do t remember if my fingers or toes were either. Also i just started getting a weird sensation on my legs. Sometimes the sensation moves up to my arms and head. It feels like a wave of chills that just doesnt stop. It only happens when i lay down to go to sleep. Help please? I havent seen a doctor about it yet also.

asked Jan 23, 2014 in Heart Health by Hector

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A panic attack is a sudden fear of the unknown. There is nowhere to hide and no one can help because you have no idea what you would say. It is absolute fear. An anxiety attack arrives just as suddenly but there is a feeling of the world as you know it is ending, there is hopelessness, you are angry and the answer is within your grasp but not tangible. These attacks are feelings. Recognizing them and their differences snaps you back to reality. Three long inhales by nose and exhales by mouth clears the feeling. Other symptoms occur during the episodes. Filling lungs with air is a blessing. You will live to see another day.
answered Jan 24, 2014 by The.Sage Inquisitive Expert (93,460 points)


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