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How to get a girl in church to like me?

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I'm a seventh grader,and I have a crush on a girl at my church.I've had a crush on her since third grade and I sweat,get butterflys in my stomach,and stutter around her.My church is the only place I ever see her at and they are VERY strict.She won't talk to me either and I want to know what I need to do.
asked Oct 3, 2012 in Dating by anonymous

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   Well, you definatly have a real crush!! since I am a girl I know what to do. first dont be somebody you are not, be you. ( you dont want her to like you but not for you ) and, to get her eye do something big in church maybe sing a song, do  watever works for you. now, dont be anoying and disruptive in church, that always makes her want to say, " SHUT UP. "  Now the problem with church is complimacated, but not impossible to deal with. just be friends with her and see how that goes. if she wants to go into a relationship take the lead. now if the problem is just church dont make it obviose unless you are outside or something. if the problem is with your parents then what you need to do is just dont bring it up and dont let them see make it obiuse when you too are alone. Hope my advice works for you. im sure you will get married one day like they do in the movies. jost joking :) kiss

answered Oct 16, 2012 by anonymous
Hey had that prob before if you don't think the relationship will work don't
 do it it is always better to stay friends okay?


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