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got stabbed in army base by co worker what is my rights

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Hi my name is Rahat ali shaikh i am an Indian i use to work in US army base Afghanistan Logcap iv with an American company Name (DynCorp International ) on first Sep 2012 one of my co worker stabbed me with a knife on my left side while i was working in my department cause i reported him for insubordination cause i was his Lead and ones he tried to be physical and i reported that too to my Supervisor and we reported that to HR an Security but they did not take action as soon as they suppose to and same day after four hours he stabbed me with a knife i got surgery in Kandhar army hospital with 58 stiches after four days they sent me to my home when i been able i start mailing my HR about what is going on i heard about that guy who stabbed me that he got released after four five days and sent back to home like he did nothing i was scared if i report it to police my company will get upset and i will lose my job it was about two month after that happence i got informed that i am under DBA claim in that claim i will get paid all my medical bill and will get 65-67% of my salary for the days i am home cause of the injury, i need to know why my company did not informed us about the claim, why thay did not put him in a jail cause he attempted murder, and why i did not get any compensation, i  got back on work after four month on Jan 2013 then i lose my job after two month on 4th Apr 2013 i am having so much trouble cause of that i had to make so much change in my life i cant it like before i lift any wt i am having pain sometime were i got stabbed but i am ignoring that cause my financial condition is so bad now please some one help me with this i will be so thankful to you guys thanks.
asked Feb 5, 2014 in Workers Compensation by Rahat Ali shaikh

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