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How do you recover from sleep deprivation?

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I've searched the internet high and low as to how to recover from sleep deprivation. I'm quite an insomniac, and I'm finally trying to get into a better sleeping habit so that I can recover from my sleep deprivation and get my health back in line, but I keep reading everywhere on health sites that "you can't make up for lost sleep", which seems to imply that no matter how much a person improves their sleeping habits. they will always be a fatigued, depressed, unhealthy individual. You would think that after weeks of getting back on track with heathy sleeping habits,  a person would start feeling better and more healthy again, but that's not what some health sites seem to apply. If anyone has sufficient knowledge on the topic, please provide an answer or explanation as to why health sites make it seem like those who got off track with their sleeping habits can't regain their health, and how a person can start to from better sleeping habits. I hope someone can explain this.
asked Feb 11, 2014 in Sleep by Stephen

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This is about understanding the body and mind work in unison to rejuvenate the physical body. The ongoing concern and worry of not sleeping eight hours is incorrect. It may be a secondary problem. The first problem is comparing yourself to others. If sleeplessness is of great concern, a doctor should be consulted and you probably will be advised to do this and not do that. Trying hard to go to sleep will not put you in the best frame of mind to sleep. The body will shutdown on its own if you allow it to and you will sleep quite heavily. Perhaps meditation would help you. Sit in a semi dark and quiet room and close your eyes as you make note of your breathing relaxing you. Deeply breathe in and out as you think of one word or thing that means sleep to you. Do this when you feel everyone is sleeping and you are ready too. This relax technique works for many and may work for you. It is a autohypnosis trick for insomniacs. You may get better results laying on your bed.
answered Feb 11, 2014 by The.Sage Inquisitive Expert (93,460 points)
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