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who will be the best boyfriend for me? crushing on two guys

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my first crush is cute, funny , nice , and  he  honest  with me alsp he kiss me once, but there is problem he fall in love  with every  cute,sexy girl that pass his way.

 my second crush is sweet,polite ,nice,he is genterman, he treat me  diffrent from  other girls for  example he  open the door for me every day at school,he also one day  he  gift me flower for valentine day  last year, he  also say hi,wave, smile and hug me evertime he see me.

 hint: but there is problem because my first crush  only speak spanish and my   mom only  speak spanish and i only speak  a little bit  of spanish at my house, and my second  crush   only know how to speak   english  and yeas i speak more english than spanish.

 but  also there is another problem because my mom don`t want me to h ave boyfreind or date until i turn 21 year old  but i am  18 now but she let my big sister date when she  was 15. to be honest me and my don`t get alone that much.
asked Feb 13, 2014 in Dating by Sunshine Esther Inquisitive Expert (1,000 points)

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There is no indication why the need to have a boyfriend has placed you in this pick one over the other. Enjoy the freedom to go your own way with no ties. Someone else may be around the corner that does not play the field or put up smoke screens.
answered Feb 17, 2014 by The.Sage Inquisitive Expert (93,460 points)
selected Feb 26, 2014 by Sunshine Esther


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