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(crushing on two guys that go to same school i go to)Who will be a better boyfriend for me?

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my first crush is cute, funny , nice , and he honest with me also he kiss me once, but there is problem he fall in love with every cute,sexy girl that pass his way.

my second crush is sweet,polite ,nice,he is gentleman, he treat me different from other girls for example he open the door for me every day at school,he also one day he gift me flower for valentine day last year, he also say hi,wave, smile and hug me every time he see me.

hint: but there is problem because my first crush only speak Spanish and my mom only speak Spanish and i only speak a little bit of Spanish at my house, and my second crush only know how to speak English and yes i speak more English than Spanish.

but also there is another problem because my mom don`t want me to have boyfriend or date until i turn 21 year old but i am 18 now but she let my big sister date when she was 15. to be honest me and my mom don`t get alone that much. please answer this questions as soon and fast as possible.

i am asking this because this my first year experiencing this and my first time too.


asked Feb 14, 2014 in Dating by Sunshine Esther Inquisitive Expert (1,000 points)

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There is no need to make a choice here. Enjoy boys and their attention with the understanding they will share their experiences with other boys and they will give your name. Enjoy life as a young woman with a goal to see what you can do for yourself that will make you a woman who can take of herself and others as she learned about life by being intelligent and patient.
answered Feb 16, 2014 by The.Sage Inquisitive Expert (93,460 points)
selected Feb 22, 2014 by Sunshine Esther
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I feel you should start a relationship what your heart says than what we say as that matters more, If you ask my suggestion i would say the second one bearing in mind what you mentioned that he is a gentleman, polite and such people can make a girls life wonderful in future, In regards to your mom i feel you should sit and tell her politelly that i am in this situation and i want your support, other than involving your sister.
answered Feb 14, 2014 by sallyb Inquisitive Expert (76,680 points)


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