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what can i do to get over my frist broken friend ship?

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My best frind  and i ended our friship forever, she was the only best friend  i had  and i was the best  she had. we knew eacheother since 7th grade we did everthing togher .  so yo can be  sure it was not her that end it was me  because my mom thinks she  is a lier because on Friday i ask her if her aunt wold let let her come to my house and she yes would let me but she told you have to pick me up and take me back home. then yesterday i went to to pick her up i was waiting for her to get ready, i waited for her for 1 and half then her aunt told  me she not going no where because she never asked  me permission but she was the one that cause it.. yes this is my broken friendship. yes i have more friend     but she the one  i care more about  and yes she  had more friends   but now she has    no friends because she move alway  to republican  domincan  then  came bake to new york city  and drop out  of hight school when she is only 16  , she have like six moth with  out going to school in new york city. iam  18 and but  would not do that even thought i have cut class before but lucky for me i never  got catch.

asked Feb 17, 2014 in Relationship by luz Inquisitive Expert (2,660 points)

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It is suggested you end the rehashing of this in your mind. It may have been a matter of time for this to occur and that is that. Turn the page and begin a change in life for someone new to come in. Be open and wish the friend a healthy and secure future.
answered Feb 19, 2014 by The.Sage Inquisitive Expert (93,460 points)
selected Feb 26, 2014 by luz
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She couldn't come to your house simply because she forgot to ask her aunt. People forget things. I forget things. You forget things. Everyone forgets things. Can't you forgive her for forgetting to ask her aunt? It's such a minor thing in comparison to trashing a whole friendship. Friends forgive friends.  Who knows, being forgiving in this instance might make your friendship stronger yet.

answered Feb 18, 2014 by DeepDark Inquisitive Expert (6,610 points)


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