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My really close guy friend tried to kiss me

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I was over at my guy friends house and were like brother and sister, we look after eachother.  I'm 14 and he's 13, turning 14 next week.

So, we were just hanging around and he just randomly asked me if I had my first kiss, and I said that I've never had it and I've already told him that. Then he just sat there and he asked if I wanted to go play hockey on his backyard rink.

We were playing hockey and he invited some of his friends because clearly you can't play hockey with 2 people. So once they got there he said that we had to be on the same team and I had to be forward. Awkward...I know. So all our friends agreed and we started playing.

Later they all left and it was like 10pm and my parents don't really care when I come home so I decided to stay. I started shivering and he noticed so then he said "you cold?" And I said yes so he pulled me into his bed and hugged me. I've never had a boyfriend. I'm too young. But it felt like how a boyfriend and girlfriend would cuddle.

Eventually I fell asleep and woke up about an hour later. He stared in my eyes and kissed me. I didn't kiss back I tried to stop it but I couldn't. After he just stared at me and his mom called and said I have to go now so there I left, speechless.

I don't know what to do. I didn't like it but were so close and we've cuddled before but clearly never kissed. I'm seeing him soon.
asked Feb 21, 2014 in Dating by anonymous

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It depends what your feelings are after he kissed you, weather you are feeling embrassed or you liked it, it depends on this, your reaction should be on meeting him, if you didn't like it, tell him that, what you did was not acceptable, as i treat you as my brother or if you have liked it, tell him thanks for taking care of you all through the night when you were feeling cold.
answered Feb 21, 2014 by sallyb Inquisitive Expert (76,680 points)


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