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Does this guy like me or not?

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So there's this guy that I've been talking to for like almost 3 months. & he sends me kiss emojis, heart emojis, & occasionally tells me he loves me in a playful way. I recently told him I have true real feelings for him & he acted like a total dick when I told him. He changed the subject. He broke up with his girlfriend right around the time we started talking. He also didn't text me at all today, & it was telling me he read them. When I said goodnight, he replied almos instantly. Anyone know what's going on?! When he's with his friends he's not as affectionate. He likes to tell me to cuddle with him & stuff. We've met once, because he lives 3 hours away, but that was the first time we ever talked. I don't know what to do. I don't want this drama, but I don't know. He also talks about other girls sometimes saying they wanna get some from him & stuff & he snapchats other girls all the time. I just don't know what to do. Help! 

asked Feb 27, 2014 in Relationship by anonymous

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I guess the next time when you meet him, you need to tell him straight your feelings towards him and tell him that you are serious with him and ask him if you have the same feelings orelse just tell him to be honest to say he is just flirting around.
answered Feb 27, 2014 by smartypants Inquisitive Expert (81,320 points)


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