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Can i get pregnant from my step brothers razor, if it had sperm on it somehow?

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I just got my first period in December on the 14th, and a week later i went to go take a shower RIGHT after my step brother, and get ready for swim practice and i needed to shave 'down there' but i accidentally used my step brothers razor instead of mine! EW i know! i didn't know until after when i looked at the side and it had a blue pencil line on it (That`s how me and my step brother know its his or mine) I thought it was mine!!! 
Then in January i missed my period but i know i know irregular periods, but ive been getting all symptoms of my period like cramps bloating and other stuff but i only have gotten discharge everyday? 
My stomach is getting huge and hard like a pregnant belle and ive been eating and eating and eating but still hungry!! 
I have also gotten a change in attitude, my stomach has been hurting SOOO BAD!!
 Ive been going to the bathroom alot and been getting nausea! So then i thought "Wheres no way im pregnant right?" But then i was like "What if he got sperm in it somehow and it got brushed into my vagina? or what if he ejaculated in his under-where and he shaved down there and it got into my vagina?" Sorry im just a what if kinda of person. I didn't have ANY other sort of sexual intercourse or stuff like that.
So Can i get pregnant from this? 
PLEASE HELP!! Im really scared and cant focus during school or even go to sleep at night!!
asked Mar 1, 2014 in Personal Care by anonymous
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NO, you can't get pregnant by a razor even if there is sperm in it.
answered Mar 3, 2014 by smartypants Inquisitive Expert (81,320 points)
Thank you for your answer!
But can you explain why? I'm am a over reactive person and i need to be 100% positive that i am not pregnant. Alot of other web sites said i could be and it is possible, so that makes me VERY scared.  I appreciate you answer!


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