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My girlfriend cheated on me what should I do?

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So this is a bit more complicated then my girlfriend cheating on me. So me and my girlfriend were dating for about 4 months and we were the happiest we have ever been. But one day she said she doesn't know what she wants. She is a sophomore in high school and I am a senior and she said she doesn't know if she wants to go to parties and be able to do what ever she wants ( so basically be a slut) or stay with me. This at first we just stayed together and tried to work through but a few days later I couldn't do it and told her we should break up until she figures out what she wants. I told her it's not fair that I got 4 years of partying and doing what I want and she didn't even get a full 2 years. She told me she understood and said she still wants me and wants to try again. We kept talking for a week so it felt as if we were on more of a break then a break up. So one night I decide to go to this party someone was having. I got there late and when I got there first thing people tell me is hey your ex girlfriend is here and passed out already. So this at first concerned me because I didn't want to see what she would do single at parties. But is stayed and tried to have a good time because she was passed out and I didn't think I had anything to worry about. But at one point she woke up and joined the party again but I had quit a bit to drink so I didn't really care. But at some point during the party we were alone in a room and we started talking and we both said we missed each other and having stopped thinking about each other. She continued and said she was falling in love with me and might love and said she wants to get back together and that she decided and that I was the only one i want. Now we still were not be k together yet we both left the room and went back to the party but I stayed up stairs and she went downstairs to sleep because she really drank a lot and she was tired. So she layed down in a bed but she wasn't alone one of her good friends Brandon was in that bed also. And she still didn't think anything of it and just layed there to sleep. Now I'm still upstairs and have no idea what's going on then some other people come up from down stairs and everyone asked them what's up? And they said ah you know just haley (ex girlfriend) and Brandon are fucking. Now when I heard this I felt sick to my stomach like someone was repeatedly stabbing me in the gut. So I was stuck at a party and had to sit there where the girl who just basically told me she loves me and wants to get back together was fucking a guy that I always worried about because they were close friends. That is a terrible feeling having to stay there while that is happening. So Brandon came upstairs so clearly they were done and found someone to take me home because I just couldn't stay anymore that was the worst I have ever felt in my life. And as I'm getting ready to leave I get a text from haley saying where are you I miss you like nothing just fucking happened. This pissed me off so I went downstairs and said I was leaving. She jumped out of the bed and ran to me and said why I want you to stay still acting like nothing has happened and I said don't fucking talk to me. I know she didn't technically cheat on me because we still were not dating again yet but she literally 10 minutes before told me she basically loved me and wanted to get back together then she goes and fuck someone else with me there! Like that is fucked up! But she started crying and saying she was sorry and that it was a mistake but I blew her off and I went home. Now we are thinking about getting back together she said she would change. I know what almost anyone will tell me is that bitch doesn't deserve a second chance and I agree but something in me every time I try to break it off keeps me talking to her and wanting her back. And I believe it was because she was my first time and now I'm really emotionally attached. I don't know what to do because I know that the right thing to do is stop seeing her but I can't I'm fucking emotionally hooked and I cant stay away. She says she will change for me and nothing like this will ever happen again. Now even if this is true every time I hear about Brandon or the party or any party for that matter a similar feeling I got the night it happened always comes back and it feels terrible. I don't want to feel this anymore but I love her and I cant get away. So I guess my question is I either need advice on how to try to get over my emotions and dumping her and staying away or should she get another chance?
asked Mar 2, 2014 in Relationship by anonymous

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To move ahead in life or to give her another chance depends soley on you and your emotions attached to her, you are aware of everything and if you feel she deserves another chance than yes why not?
answered Mar 12, 2014 by smartypants Inquisitive Expert (81,320 points)


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