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why are my my friend presering me to kiss my crust in lips?

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actually , i don't want to kiss my my crush right now because it is too soon and i have never done it before. my friend keep telling me he want to kiss you but when we are alone i ask him and he say he don`t want to because he never kiss a girl in lip before. but yesterday i try to do it but it turn his face around. today my friend was pushing to him so i can kiss him but i tell them i don't want to  anymore so, they just can leave  me alone but that did not work, so i try to play hard to get but i thinks it working but i'm not sure. i do feel like want to kiss him but when get close him close him i walk away when i do that he he look sad. also we both have same friends. my crush is not pressing me to do it and i am not pressing  him to do  it   but our friend  are pressing us to do it. hint: me and my crush do hugs each other
asked Mar 8, 2014 in Dating by luz Inquisitive Expert (2,660 points)

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Try kissing on the cheek for a while. Hugging is great to build your relationship up. Tell your friends your not comfortable with it if you don't want to you don't have to.
answered Mar 9, 2014 by Ruby
selected Mar 15, 2014 by luz


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