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I fell for my best friend how do I get him to like me back?

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My best friend and I were being annoyed by people saying you guys would make a cute couple you should go out! :3 one day I started liking him. On the last day of school I found out he liked me too. That summer I told him how I felt and he said he wanted to be just friends. Later learned we was in a relationship and he just got out of another one a week ago. I think I have a chance with him. What do I do?
asked Oct 9, 2012 in Dating by anonymous
Just go for it
GET OVER me ;) Nick House on facebook greeneville tn

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Okay  I when through the same thing and now  I am dating him. What  I die was tried to remember wht made him like me and  I brought it out now it my take a while but just wait he will soon start to notice. If he ever gave you something to wear like jelwery wear it everyday if he ask why say because you have it to me. P.s don't weird him out. GOOD LUCK I HOPE HE IS WORTH IT
answered Oct 20, 2012 by anonymous
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I say if to people are ment to be together it will happen you don't have't to do anything. Because if your best friends now and it turns into a relationship it will be even more special, so take your time and just be friends until you both want the same thing. P/S IT'S A TIME FOR EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN!!!!
answered Nov 6, 2012 by anonymous
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Date him he likes you ;)
answered Nov 14, 2012 by anonymous
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Yea for a week or less he's a serial heart breaker go for it and join the other girls club.
answered Nov 17, 2012 by anonymous
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Give him something he like and if he like it you might have a chance with him.
answered Nov 21, 2012 by anonymous
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I went through the same thing and now I'm going out with him ask him to go for a walk for you and talk and say your cold see if he gives you a jumper or something and say your going in and see if he says no don't go in and then say well I'm bored and he might hug you or something
answered Jan 6, 2013 by Wonka-chocolate2 Newbie (140 points)


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