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What is wrong with this guy that go to my school?

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This guy found out that that I got crush on another guys and on Monday , Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday he was was pushing me to him and telling me kiss him, I told him I don't want to kiss him, so Friday he told me go kiss him,I told him just leave me alone I don't want to do it , he told me if you don't want to kiss him I will kiss you instead , I told him you don't have to do and i don't want to kiss you either. but he try to do it but I looked away ,and today he was chasing me so he can kiss me. But ran off . I don't really know why he is trying to kiss me when he is gay. It is possible that he like me or Or he might have have crush on me, he do tease me sometimes but not in a bad way , and flirt with me but never flirt back or tease him. I just think he is just playing with with me but I am not sure, what do you think? Please answers this question as soon and fast as possible. hint before he found out about this he was trying to make me laugh but it only work some time.
asked Mar 11, 2014 in Dating by luz Inquisitive Expert (2,660 points)

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I feel you need to tell him to stop this type of behaviour orelse you will be forced to complain to the management in this matter.
answered Mar 12, 2014 by smartypants Inquisitive Expert (81,320 points)
selected Mar 15, 2014 by luz


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