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What are the new things Islam got and the previous heavenly religions didn’t get?

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Is the role of Islam in the development and progress of humanity

asked Mar 12, 2014 in Hinduism by magdo Member (460 points)

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1- Equality between all people, there is no difference between an Arab and non Arab or between a white and a black except by piety and good deeds.
2- Prevailing fair and justice among people even among rulers and the public, and taking right from the strong to the weak and from the rich to the poor so that people have equal opportunities, the prophet (Blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “By That who owns my soul (Allah), if Fatima Bent Mohammed stole, I would cut her hand.”
3- Fighting man enslaving man and ending slavery by all means, Islam has the biggest deal about this for all humanity, the first freer of slaves is Mohammed (Blessings and peace of Allah be upon him). 
4- Honoring woman and giving her own financial disclosure to her and all her rights same as man, the prophet (Blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “Women are men’s full sisters.” 
5- Setting man’s rights at all the stages of his life and at all his conditions in a practical way, the first document of human rights is the prophet’s Khotbat Al-Wadaa’ (The farewell preach). 
6- Islam established the ruling system based on consultation and democracy to provide free perfect life. 
7- Islam got the legislations and rules that achieve social just and make vouch among all people in society by the rules of heritage, Zakat, charity, expiation, beneficence and others. 
8- Islam was the first to honor science and scientists and urged to encourage genius and innovation in different fields of science and life. 
9- The first that led a campaign to preserve and regenerate heritage by building public libraries, encouraging private libraries and encouraging translation in different fields of knowledge from other languages is Islam, the caliph Al-Ma’moon used to give anyone who translates a book of knowledge its weight in gold, this was in the Abbasi era. The Greek, Roman, Indian and Chinese heritages were only transmitted to the world by Muslim scholars after they translated and explained them elaborately. 
10- Islam has the leadership of human civilization in medicine, precaution, surgery, anesthetization, treatment by single and compound medicines and inventing medical instruments needed, The Canon of Medicine by Avicenna was the only book taught in universities of Europe for 6 centuries, and so The Virtuous Life by Al-Razes and also the books of Ibn-Zahr Al-Andalusy. 
11- Muslims were the first to devise Algebra science and developing mathematics after adding zero to the numbers, Al-Khwarizmi is considered the founder of Algebra science. 
12- The first who founded the basis and theories of Physics are the Arabs, no doubt that Al-Hassan Ibn-Al-Haytham (Alhazen) is the founder of physics. 
13- Ibn-Khaldun founded the basis and rules of sociology upon scientific basis. 
14- The first laws that concern social dimension, correct human behavior and achieve social security and safety are the laws of Islamic Sharia. The French took them after the Maleky doctrine in Spain and they called them the Roman laws lest their people do not get angry if they were attributed to Islam, now they are called the father of laws, all laws of the world are derived from this law which is originally Islamic. 
We can never count or limit the contributions of Islam and Muslims to human civilization, whoever wants more he should go to references and encyclopedias talking about this and they are so many. 
answered Apr 7, 2014 by hassanelagouz Inquisitive Expert (4,660 points)


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