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Why did something wield happen in the high school i go to on Thursday ?

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On Thursday at the high school I go to had a pajamas day. I went with my new pajama and stuff bunny animal. At the end of school my ex crush was fallowing me for the first time, I don`t why because we have six month that we don`t talk to each other. Even through we agree to only be friend. I really don`t know what was he trying to do? I don`t if he was just try to get close to me to talk me.or he was just trying to do look for way So he can get close to me? I a little confuse now? please answer the this question as soon and fast as possible. hint: no I don`t think he was sleep walking.hint: don`t sent me to talk to him because I don`t want to. I am waiting for him to talk me again. hint 2: My ex crush never walk the same way I walk to because he always exit to the back school door and I always exit to the school front door. He was trying to to stare at me but when I try to look him he look the the other way. please answer this questions as soon and fast as possible.
asked Mar 25, 2014 in Dating by Sunshine Esther Inquisitive Expert (1,000 points)

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