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can a landlord hold my car for payment

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Landlord will not let me have my car untill he gets money he claims he is intiteld
asked Mar 25, 2014 in Apartments by anonymous
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In case if the landlord having right to keep possession of property belonging to you until the debt owned by you is discharged he can hold your car.

answered Mar 26, 2014 by answerman Inquisitive Expert (58,420 points)
I am not sure this is correct; I would contact the LOCAL POLICE division to clarify this manner. It may differ from country to country...state to state...province to province...If it was stated clearly in the landlord tenant agreement there is a possibility that this is the case; However, I cannot find any rights that asserts this in my Provinces Landlord and Tenant Act.
 Check your State or Provinces Landlord Tenant Act to find additional information. Do a search  on Meta data engine (Google or Dogpile will do) and type :Landlord tenant Act [and state or province or other in which you live] Moreover, contact your local political representative's office; in Canada you have a MHA and a MP (besides your local town/city council rep.) I'm not 100% sure of the American political structure and the terms for your local political reps. Another approach would be to contact a radio call in show or search in legal forums where you can ask legal questions. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS and DON"T LET ANYONE RUN OVER YOU!


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