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What to do if my girlfriend is bisexual?

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My girlfriend and I have been dating for over half a year now. Probably within the first month of the relationship I knew she had done stuff with other girls and other then some other problems the first three months of the relationship went smoothly. And at about 3 months actually I fell in love with her and she said she feels the same way. But now that I feel this way it's like I'm way more protective so I notice everything now. The first three months I would go to parties with her and she would ask if it was okay for her to make out with other girls and I said I didn't care because you know it's hot. But then after I fell in love with her I said I'm not comfortable with it anymore and I didn't even have to tell her she just told me she would stop. Now nothing I really said sounds bad yet but that's just when I started noticing. So one night I was at her house and we began having sex and after the second time through or so she says "wow I must really love you usually only girls get me this wet" and she said it completely serious. Now for the next month I took it as a compliment then I realized wait what? So she is telling me girls turn her on more then guys? I find that to be very emasculating to know a girl gets your girlfriend more horny than a guy would not just me any guy I find that disturbing. And during all this we used to talk about how hot girls are together all the time but now I try to avoid it at all costs because she gets really into it and it just keeps showing me how much more she finds girls attractive then guys. But I'm every since I talked to her about it she hasn't made out with a girl or sexual touched a girl since we talked but I still find it incredibly emasculating that she gets more turned on by girls even though she hasn't strait up said that I know it's true. But she told me she has no desire to have sex with a girl or anything she just made out with them to turn me on at parties. But then why does she get so wet over the thought of girls naked. Like she mentioned having a three some and I'm thinking about saying no just because I think she will enjoy it more than me. Okay this is my ending she says she loves me and I believe her because I never tell her to do anything I just say I'm uncomfortable with something and she will do whatever to make me happy and stop doing it? But she is only 16 so that is a big reason she is so sexual curious but that also means at anytime she might just be like we'll screw him I want to fuck a girl because they are so hot and cheat on me or just go lesbian . So that's what I'm really worried about. Should I stay with her and just wait and see if that does happen or I have read many other people's opinion, just brake up with her because if your girlfriend is bisexual I'm holding her back and I'm just going to be worried all the time?
asked Mar 27, 2014 in Bisexual by anonymous

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In my opinion, I think first and foremost you should realize you are simply dating this girl.  You are young and have to know that although you love her, you most likely will not be with her for the rest of your life.  If I was you, I would enjoy the time you have with her.  When I say that,  I mean enoy it to the fullest extent.  You may never again have a chance to be with a girl who enjoys other girls.  This is a fantasy for most men.  It sounds like you enjoy the idea of it, but to be concerned she might enjoy it more than you is just silly.  So what if she does.  At least you were part of it.  :)
answered Mar 27, 2014 by Foodie Inquisitive Expert (29,870 points)
Thanks for your help on this your right I should just enjoy it
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This matter is about realizing things and people are not as they seem all the time. The link you share with this young girl is out of line. She is jail bait. You have not considered the ramifications of having sex with a minor. Step away before you have an argument about this and the law steps in because of what her parents will do when they find out. Her immature actions are the least of your worries.
answered Mar 28, 2014 by The.Sage Inquisitive Expert (93,460 points)


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