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mom died oct 2013 I inherited her car and signed it over on dec. is there any way to change my mind and get it back?

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My mother passed away in oct of 2013.》 Leaving me to sighn everything since I am her only family in ca. Leaving me the benefiecary of all her assets. She didnt have much other than the 2011 chaleneger hef boyfriend bought for her and a storage unit full of shit. My mothers car was a gift fro. Her boyfriend so he said he wanted to keep it. Now hes trying to sell it and I am ridded with guilt. I needed that car but felt obligated to sighn it over since he did buy it. I waitedthe 40 days I think it was and then we went to the dmv with her death cert and the title and I signed it over around the beggining of december. He also was the one paying on the storage unit she had so he has the keys and he wont let me go through it. I found out hes selling her things and I just want whats rightfully mine. Is there any possibility I can get my mothers car back from him after all is said and done. Also I never notified any gov of her death such as the ss administration. Should her car of gone through probate or something. (It was paid off ) and worth about 20,000 I would emistate. But none the less I am here with no car and a broken heart cause thatcar ment the world to her. Is there anythingI can do??? I want my mothers car back but I fear Iits too late... I am in LA CA
asked Apr 8, 2014 in Civil Rights by JustAsking

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This entry reveals anger from every direction. It indicates a lack of interest in time and what our actions cause when we speak and react without contemplation of our behavior and the decisions we make. The reasoning is still off as it was when the death took place. Opportunity and personal items left for you were discarded without thought of sentimental value. The vehicle and possessions are now passed on to another and you remain on the sideline as if waiting for someone else to correct the steps you took. You are back to where you were. This situation will not occur again and things are as you chose them to be. Get on with your life. You reap what you sow.
answered Apr 21, 2014 by The.Sage Inquisitive Expert (93,460 points)


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