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How to get this guy to like me

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Okay so there's this boy that goes to my school and he's turning 19 in 2 days and I'm 15. One of my classmates told him I was 16 and she would clear that up for me but she never did. He really liked me, and he even told his dad about me. But his dad said he needs to focus on more things like getting a job and getting a car and things like that and I told him to do whatever he wants and he agreed with me. He's super mature and really kind and he's not like any other guy I've met before. I like him:) but the thing is, he was thrown off by my age and he said he'll have to take time to think about it. And he said he kind of had his eye on another girl who likes to sleep around with guys when they want sex and he didn't like that. So basically, I just want to know how to get him to like me more and want to talk to me. And even if we can just still be friends that'd be great. I have social anxiety so it's pretty hard for me to start conversations and I NEVER know what to say and I'm scared I'll always be annoying him. So what are something's I could talk about? How often should I talk to him? How do I get him to fall for me? I really like him, he's unique.
asked Apr 8, 2014 in Dating by anonymous

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Don't push him to execute anything, just be yourselves he is starting to get back to you, If your love for him is genuine. See, you don't have to try too much just smile at him when he passes by don't say a word it so happens that people get bored of togetherness that's what he is going through.First of all decide if  "Is he the one or he is just another one", You don't have to sleep around like the other one you mentioned, you just have to sit and wait and get yourself clean and reachable. Wear a smile always no matter what happens with small amount of attitude (Not rude). Be kind to people. Let others speak about you to him. Things will change. Peace


answered Apr 9, 2014 by smartguy Inquisitive Expert (111,120 points)
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You are too young for him.  He is an adult and ready to move on with life. You are still in school. You will probably have to let him go. I understand your disappointment but that is the truth.
answered Apr 21, 2014 by LindaRuth Member (820 points)


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