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How can i help my friend control her anger?

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My friends is 19 year old she is a special ed student and she got a lots problem with her with her with her family. Some of problem is that her family is always fighting and she don`t really get alone with her little sister. When her sister get her angry , get to school mad hinting the wall, the doll and throwing thing that belong to school on the floor. Sometime I call her name to talk to her and ask her what wrong, sometime she tell me she don`t want to talk about it, so I leave alone for a while until relax a little bi and then i go to check on and ask her if she is okay and she tell me no , then i ask her what is what or what is wrong? she told me yesterday that she was really angry hint her sister in the face and her sister was bleeding. I tell her that she need to relax and pretend that think never happen and that every will be all right after that i hug her. I also tell her if you need to speak to some one just come me that why we are friends. Sometime she don`t even talk I know that she angry but she get me to worry about a lot when she is angry because she always tell when she get really angry she fell like killing some one. But she tell me she don`t want speak to some one but I do feel like do need to speak to some one. So one day i spoke to the guide canceler at my school I ask her to speak to her because i was really worry about her and the principal almost sent her to hospital that day.  If you have more ideas about  what i need to help. and i really don`t know if i am good frind to her   but i am trying to be

asked Apr 11, 2014 in Realty by luz Inquisitive Expert (2,660 points)

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There are some matters we are exposed to and want to help. Some matters are out of our hands. This individual is in need of help you are not able to give. At school, a student should be talking to a counselor. At home, the parent is responsible. The home may need to be checked by child protective services. While you are reaching out to your friend, your friend is too wrapped up in problems at home and not being cared for. You may have done all you can. You may need to step back until your friend decides to get help herself.
answered Apr 20, 2014 by The.Sage Inquisitive Expert (93,460 points)
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