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If take my teddy bear to school will to school will it be funny or weird ?

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I have a crush on this guy at my school.I try to give him some sign but he does not play that much attention to me. i know that he like me too because he told me that. now we have 10 month that we don`t talk each other but we use to. their is no reason why we stop talking. i know that he like girl that are funny and sexy girl. I am pretty funny and sexy girl but my funny person always come out around of people i know well. My crush think that I am sexy and shy girl, he is right about think about that because when he is around me i ask really shy around him. The reason why get shy around him is because i don`t know very well but i am willing to try almost anything to get his attention again but except speaking to him because my Spanish come out a little mix up with my English and he only under a little English but he talk Spanish and I only speak a little bit of Spanish i also understand Spanish but i don`t speak it that much. I am 18 year but i look like a 14 year old and I still like to play with my teddy bear but only when I am bored . I really get bored at my school and i don`t know what home i play kind funny with my teddy bear. But i am not sure if my crush will think that i am kind of crazy ,or weird or funny . tell what do you people think.
:hint: the high school i go have pajama day and i went with my stuff bony and i was not the only one that went like that. i have lot of friend the reason is that we don`t we don`t lunch period together.
asked May 3, 2014 in Realty by luz Inquisitive Expert (2,660 points)

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