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which of my dace move is better for me to at the school taletent show ?

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Well I am try to make some dace move   for  talent show at my school but so far I came up with  7  only but I  don`t which  of them is better for my to at  the high school I go to. Can you please  guy or ladies   help me  choose.

 Here are my video links :
Video 2:
Video 3:
Video 4:
Video 5:
Video 6:
Video 7:
 Please answer my question  as soon and fast as possible.
asked May 8, 2014 in Personal Care by Sunshine Esther Inquisitive Expert (1,000 points)
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This is about your personal choice. Do consider music you relate to well and not your classmates or the school body. Stick with music approved by the school. Wear clothing that allows move and not show skin or under garments as you dance. Your shoes should not stick to the floor but instead slide. No jewelry that could distract you from the music by sounding off nor jewelry that could get dropped. Your hair needs to stay out of your face unless it falls back into its style. With your music chosen and you prepared, begin with a gentle body sway and then your arms, followed by your head. Get the audience to be your dance partner and take it from there. Do not use moves everyone else will probably do. Be different and remember to relax and have fun. Smile as if the moves are natural and easy for you. Applaud others as you want them to applaud you.
answered May 13, 2014 by The.Sage Inquisitive Expert (93,460 points)


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