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Why don`t my headache and cramp go away?

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his headache started on Tuesday and now is Friday and i still have it , i have drink two pill to day for pain but that pain only work on me sometime and I also got my period on Tuesday and have been feeling cramp too , the pill that have been drink sometime work for cramp but some time it for head aches but not at the same times. yesterday went i went to school i was feeling daisy with a painful head ache and with painful cramp. My mom don`t want to take to see my doctor because she say it just a waste of time because the doctor don`t do nothing wen i go to see him . for example there was a day that i was feeling pain on my left foot and told my to take to see the doctor because i could`t work right, and every time i was trying put on shoes it was hurting and even went i touches it was it hurting and that my doctor did not do nothing to me he just give me a check up and send to lose weight and that was not reason why i went over there. By i still i have the pain on my foot but , that does not hurt as much as my head aches and the cramp i have it but is not as painful as my head ached. I am 18 year old girl. please answer this questions as and fast as possible.
asked May 17, 2014 in Health Topics by luz Inquisitive Expert (2,660 points)

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