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What can i do to get my crush to notice me again?

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there is a boy at my school that use to like and he use compliment me. one day he told me he like in front his friends. But I make a stupid mistake and rejected by telling him that he was too young for me in front of his and his friend just stated to tease and laugh at him. I few day I felt bad bad for him and I realize that I like him what I did to him so try to look for him on Facebook so I can chat to and tell him I was sorry about thing I told him. but I made another stupid mistake because I make a fake Facebook , I make him belief that he was talking to my sister instead of me but of he friend figure that I got two Facebook. He mad at me for lying to him so to cheer him up I try to play a Halloween prank on him but the Halloween prank, I did to him , I send one my girl friend to my crush a poem, that I wrote to him but I told my frind to not tell him my name yet but that Halloween prank did not work for me but it got my crush crushing on my friends but luckily me my friend did not like him. that I was another stupid mistake I did again.i don`t even I am not sure if making more mistake because I have been ignore him for 9 month now and don`t talk to him anymore but I stare at him sometime he , and I also block him from my Facebook.I still have a crush on him but, I don`t tell him nothing I think he hate me now and I am too nervous and shy when I am or get too close to him. do you think that this relationship can be fix are not.Hint: I pretend that move on,when he get near me
Update : Update : : at first ,i did not want embarrass him I was just trying to be funny and I was just joking around with my because we both have the same group of friends. but I thinks that was the first stupid mistake I did to him. and one day my friends send me to kiss him on lip, so he can forgive me. I went to kiss him but I him on the chick instead of the lips in front of our friends and then I ran away but he fallow me and kiss me on the chick too and than he ask me to kiss him in the lips and told him , I was not ready and he at when I will be ready , I told him that I did not know.
Update 2: : know I was just idiot and stupid girl for doing all that thing .please answer this question. the I was so nervous and shy , I din`t know what to tell him and I am this with a lot of guys ,belief he was not first one rejected but he was the first one that I did this mistake.

asked May 17, 2014 in Relationship by luz Inquisitive Expert (2,660 points)

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