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Will this formal letter help my principal to approve my friendship day party?

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May 19,2014

470 Jackson Ave.

Bronx, NY 10455

Dear Principal, Ms. Collin

I am writing you this letter to ask you if I cam have a friendship party on June 9,2014 at 1:47pm to 2:20pm at the art room. I am also informing you that I already told My friend to sign up for friendships party list, I know should I ask you first but I got lost in that moment. Therefore I want to make this friendship party at school that day is because I want to hang out with my friend. I would have do it lunch time but the reason is that my friend and I do not same lunch period like we use to. I can do at my house but they will not show up. Belief me because I invited my friends for Valentine and Easter day party at my house last year they did not even shoe up, my friends only show up to the party   I do at the school during lunch. If you want can do it at lunch time but do not want to left my other friend behind or left out since we don’t have the same lunch period and it has been long time that my friend and I have not done a school party together .As result, I am notify you to let me do it in the art room. I know you have you have the teacher meting that day too but I promise you that we will not bother you. Finally I want to inform you that they will be 21 friends including two staff helpers that do not attempt the teacher meting.

Sincerely, Luz Almonte, Genesis Negron, Awilda Sanchez   and Jaime Gonzalez (The Party Girls)
asked May 20, 2014 in High School by Sunshine Esther Inquisitive Expert (1,000 points)

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