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Is it legal for a therapist to tell a man to abandon his wife and unborn child?

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My husband told me he was told by his therapist that he needs to cut all ties with me (his wife of 2 years) and that he does not need to find out anything about his unborn child. I'm a high risk pregnancy right now and I am currently 20 weeks. He also told me that the therapist thought it would be best if he terminated all rights and file for divorce after the child is born. He was told that all of that would be best to reduce his stress level and because he is going through depression. Just the other day my husband was thrilled that we will be finding out gender next week's and since I have been at my mother's for help (13 hrs away), he was coming to see me for a week and already put in paternity leave for around my due date. Now since this therapists said all this my husband thinks he should listen because he is a professional. Is that at all legal?
asked May 23, 2014 in Divorce by anonymous

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it is illegal for a therapist to tell someone to do anything. The patient doesn't have to do what they say at all. Fact. Therapists can prescribe medicines and suggest excersizes and activites but they cant say, 'go home and break all of your windows' or 'abandon your wife and unborn child' and why anyone would even CONSIDER that is beyond me. There are so many ways to reduce stress. Try looking for some stress relieving activities for you two to do together. It may even help with the pregnancy. Also, you should probably ask your husband to go see another therapist, maybe one that doesnt need a therapist Of his own. Well just try some of the activities, even if they sound stupid they should help. And If your husband's depressed just spend more time with him, even if you already do, go get some ice cream or something it really helps with the relationship and he should feel less depressed. I hope your pregnancy goes well and that you two stay together. :)
answered May 26, 2014 by Meg
He also could be using his therapist as a way out! Maybe his therapist. did not even say that!
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Your husband is a grown man and makes his own choices. Depending on the state you live in, he could get charged for abandonment if you wish!
answered Jun 1, 2014 by anonymous


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