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Should I hang out with this guy or just forget about him?

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A guy ask me if was okay if we can hand out one day in a park ,told him it was okay. A few 2 day he told me he have crush on me but we had not dating or hang out yet. but we go to the same school. My best friend saw him asking me to hand out,my best friend heard me saying that it was okay for me and him to hang out. however my best friend say he not the guy for me,that he is player,that he just asking me that so I can just have sex with him and that he have HIV also she told that he pregnant a lot of girl and when the girl say told him he will become father he an up braking up with them . My best friend know all that because she use to be his girlfriend but she dump him because he was dating more than one girl the same time. please answer this questions as soon and fast as possible.
hint : can you also give me advice if you tell me just forget or not about him,i am new dealing with this i have never been in a relationship hang our or in day with a guy before? if the answer is no how can i cancel the hand out with him, with out hurting his feeling. by the way i am 18 year old
asked Jun 30, 2014 in Dating by luz Inquisitive Expert (2,660 points)

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If he is honest loyal and understandable than you can go with him.
answered Mar 10, 2017 by BobTheAnswerGuy Inquisitive Expert (310,070 points)


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