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Is he interested?

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Having feelings for some one isn't easy. Especially, when you are the only one having, or feeling them. Without the other person knowing. Telling that person how you feel for them is very risky. Since there's an age difference, and they are your coworkers.  And you may end up loosing your friendship with them.

This is my case. How can I tell if they are interested? Is my wishful thinking? All of the hugs and kisses I get from him, are they more than friendly hugs? Or am I dreaming too much? We are very close friends and we get along so well. He tries to make plans with me. And we hung outside work few times.  Somedays he's very happy and he is always teasing me at work. Other days he acts like he barley knows me. We know so much about each other, and we always share advices. I have been single for six months now, and I haven't dated any one. I haven't been attracted mentally or physically to any one else, besides him. And it's giving me the creeps. I think about him a lot and I'm not a fan of that. I would like some of your opinion. Especially from those who have been through such experience. But not highschoolers please. I'm in my 20's and the person I'm interested is in his late 30's. Thank you.
asked Oct 21, 2012 in Dating by anonymous

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I would suggest you if you don't talk to him or don't tell your feelings you are sure to loose him so why not give a try tell him what you feel for him you may still loose him but what if it CLICKS.... gud luck
answered May 3, 2013 by jlopez Inquisitive Expert (23,000 points)


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