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How many GB (16, 32 or 64) would you need to video for 5 or 6 hours on the new I-pad?

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How much time can you video record on a 16 GB I-pad?
How many GB (16, 32 or 64) would you need to video for 5 or 6 hours on an I-pad?
asked Oct 23, 2012 in iPad and other tablets by anonymous
recategorized Oct 23, 2012 by Drake Peters

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The amount changes depending on lighting, scene detail, and the amount of movement being recorded, but generally 1080p recorded on a new iPad takes up 180MB per minute.  So that would be approximately 1.8 GB per hour.  So you are looking at nearly 12GB to record 6 hours, about 10GB for 5 hours.  If you don't move the iPad much and there is little action, it will take up less.  If there is a lot of action but you never have to move the iPad, it will take a little more.  If you are constantly pointing the iPad at different things, it will take a lot more.  No matter what you are filming, you should be able to film 6 hours with only 14GB free.  So on a 16gb iPad you would probably never be able to film for more than 5 hours unless you have literal not installed or downloaded anything.  With a 32gb iPad you'd probaly be able to download a moderate amount of apps/games and podcasts/albums/movies and still record 6 hours of video.
answered Oct 23, 2012 by anonymous


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