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Do girls/women really love shy guys?

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I just want to know if girls/women loves shy guys? Because it looks like most of us guys are not like the other confident guys who act like bad boys/men. Some other guys does try to be like them but it seem to never work. The ladies seem to go out with those over confident and jerky dudes with their macho and tough personalities. I don't see what these guys have that normal guys have besides their strong personalities that attracts the ladies and for them to love those guts for it. But, besides that point, I really have different ways of being myself and doing things in a much more quiet way other than being a loud mouth like most guys. So how can a shy guy like me have a big chance with the lovable and beautiful women who loves the guys who are super glamorous and the ones who the women are attracted too. My name is Nathaniel Cannon & I'm a 22 year old African-American boy with my weight being 216. My height is 5/6. I do know that I'm not the perfect dude like most hunkers or in other words macho mans, but I'm a guy who can show off his light side or darkness side of himself based on my situation I'm in. I only just wish that I really know how to approach and talk to the love ladies without turning my back on them and running just as fast as the Looney Tune's character named the Road Runner.
asked Oct 20, 2014 in Dating by Nathaniel Cannon

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Ladies can love shy guys. It all depends on the girls personality and yours. Would you talk to her and make he laugh or would you stare down at your feet and be awkward?
answered Dec 28, 2015 by anonymous
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It is suggested you ready yourself physically and mentally for a joining of the minds with someone of the opposite sex. You attract what you are by thinking what you want. Enjoy being single and available. Be yourself and not an imitation of someone else. Watch and learn what survived and what thrives as two become one. This phase you have entered shall pass. Be patient.
answered Jan 4, 2016 by The_Sage Inquisitive Expert (1,250 points)


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