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Loop dream with similarities and differences.

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Dreamt I was in some kind of loop. First I stacked 12pack of pop cases to resemble stairs to reach a shelf and was shot by an arrow and the guy that was trying to save me resembled Tarzan was also showing that he was shot but wasn't. I was known as Jane who survived the arrow. Next my name was different but i was the daughter of Jane and I was involved in some sort of war. Third, I was the mother of Jane in a choir competition and the teacher was my old choir teacher from high school. Then, it went back to the first part with same outcome but different start. Next it went to me bringing my daughter to see Jane in her coffin with Jane being my grandma. Finally, it went back to the first part with same as beginning except there was a tornado. Each time I was some one else, the outfit stayed the same with each person. I also saw that I lost hair from my legs from falling into a fountain with bleach. There were also black cats. Each person I was, was related in some way. Like a was the main person, then daughter, then mother, grandmother, etc. The only part that didn't make really any sense was each portion took place in the early 1900's maybe late 1800's era. Please help me. Thank you!
asked Oct 21, 2014 in Dreams by autty

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