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Should I stop listening to my mom and do what I want for my life?

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I am 19 years old but I look like a 15 year old . Tge problem is even that I 19 years old and my keep treating like baby or little girl. Hint: my friends invate me to hang out with them and ask my if can and she told me no you can't unless I am with you and your friends. I guy came up to me 2 month ago and ask why are you by your self on in lunch room table don't yo have any friends because you are too pretty to be alone, I do have friends but they eat lunch upstairs sometimes but I don't like eat the lunch upstairs because that lunch is too cold and they give a small amount. He told me can I sit here with you then. I told him sure.In two weeks he told me tha he fell in love me and like to for me me to become his girlfriend. I told him I am not to have one.he say too bad I really like you can just think about and tell me next week. I told Ok I can be your girlfriend but I not tell my parents yet. That is fine with me he say. A few days after my mom found out that I a boyfriend , she told me you are not allowed to have boyfriend, forget about him but I did not we wr now have 1 month together, my mom also have me the school bus and I told her that I want to go to school on the city bus and she said you are taking the school bus to school. Please answer this question as soon and fast as possible.

asked Nov 6, 2014 in Dating by luz Inquisitive Expert (2,660 points)

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No parents are may be not of your age and they may not understand you but they never give you the wrong suggestions.
answered Mar 10, 2017 by BobTheAnswerGuy Inquisitive Expert (310,070 points)


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