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legal search warrant

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I was arrested for fraud,embezziling, identy theft and had a search warrant served on my home. The account holder wrote and signed a check i went to one bank but since they could not get ahold of the account holder but spoke to the cosigner on the account who would not verify for the check to be cashed and the bank was closing I waited til the next day and went and got the account holder of the account and took the account holder to the bank and had the bank teller verify that yes he signed the check and yes it could be cashed. The cosigner on the account  went to the police and told them that it was not the account holders signature and the cops then got a search warrant based on her statment, not from the person who wrote the check who was the account holder, nor did they speak to the bank tellers where the check was actually cashed. Was it legal for the police to get a search warrant for my home based on the cosigner saying it wasNOT the account holders signature with out speaking to the person who wrote the check, verified the check to be cashed at the bank? The search warrant had the wrong address, I never got a copy of the search warrant or the contents they took from my home, they put me in hand cuffs and took me to the jail there was no one there to watch what they were doing. What can I dop?
asked Nov 8, 2014 in Criminal Law by tmowitch Newbie (120 points)

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You may get a copy of the Criminal Complaint and save your money to retain an attorney. Police officers act upon information given to them. Talk to legal counsel as the Forum is unable to advise or explain further your situation satisfactorily.
answered Jan 6, 2016 by The_Wise_One Inquisitive Expert (1,300 points)


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