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What does it mean when one is indicated for a crime, is it permanently on record?

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Pertains to child abuse, person did not do it but got a letter with the word indicated, can they still work and put they don't have a criminal record?
asked Feb 3, 2015 in Criminal Law by concerned wife/mother

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If you mean INDICTED (IN-DI-TED) , it means they feel there is enough evidence to take you to court and put you infront of a jury. Many things can happen after this point depending on the crime. There can be Plea Deals made and not go to a jury trial (plea deals can be made at any time, even in the middle of the jury ttrial), and the trial can go all the way through with either a guilt or not gutily verdict.
answered Feb 10, 2015 by MY141 Novice (180 points)
No. It just says indicated. What does that mean?
Question was should it be written on an application. This answer does not answer despite question of word "indicated" used.
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You refer to a letter but not where it came from. If you sought employment and you received a letter from employer that read a criminal action was found, then you may call the employer and request permission to explain.This is different from indicting, which means a court opened a court file when it heard allegations from someone of a crime and they demanded a court hearing. In an application of employment, the wording is key. Think it out.
answered Jan 6, 2016 by The_Wise_One Inquisitive Expert (1,300 points)
edited Jan 10, 2016 by The_Wise_One


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