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I want to know if my civil rights were violated by Hud not honoring a Section 8 voucher for the third time.

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After going to court back in 2013 a judgement was entered on me which I did not agree with because my attorney diliberately gave me the wrong court date.  I could not motioned it in front of the job because the judgement was made when I did not show up to my court day on the judge ordered me to come due to my lawyer giving me wrong court date.  My last court date for this case was November 7, 2013.  I was giving 30 days from this date to be off the premises and in the process of me motioning an appeal my HACC apartment caught on fire due to my neighbor leaving her iron plugged into the outlit.  HACC is saying that I was suppose to be off the property by November 11, 2013.  How is this so when the original court day was November 7th, 30 days from November the 7 was Dec. 11, the fire happened November 16th, 2013.  I am now living with my daughter in Indiana with three of grandchildren with a judgement hanging over my head lost ever thing I had due to HACC having my furniture thrown into the streets due to in illegal enviction.  Can someone help me I have been trying to find a lawyer to take the case they do not want to take it due to it being HACC.  I believe I have been discriminated against and this fire also happen in 2009.  I have my fire report from 2013 and can get the fire report for 2009.  I received a voucher from HUD Section 8 in January of 2010 and it was taken back from me due to an error.  How so when the fire cheif told mangement of HAAC that the apartment me and my grandchildren resided in was not liveable.  I could have lost my life and my grandchildren could have also lost their lives due to this second fire.  I am homeless and living in Indiana with family members please help me!!!!
asked Feb 6, 2015 in Civil Rights by Felicia Hardrick
recategorized Feb 6, 2015 by DeniseC

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