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Can someone please interpret my dreams? I had 2 similar ones in 1 night. Thanks

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Dream Interpretation- Please help!
So I had a dream a few nights ago that has left me thinking: They were two dreams in one night: very similar.
I was walking in the lobby of my job, I work at a childrens hospital, and this little girl was playing from the balcony on the second floor. She let herself fall, and I ran to try and save her. I caught her and she was perfectly fine; but I fell and I was bleeding. I started to cry because I had just found out I was pregnant (Ive never been pregnant before/I am not currently pregnant) and I was scared that I had lost my baby. I woke up.
2. I was walking with one of the doctor's whom I work with and we were walking around the front of a building. He said he had to go so he walked up faster to enter the building as I slowed down and observed some soldiers horseplaying in the front. I noticed 3 soldiers also horseplaying on the second floor near an open window and 2 were swinging one of them and then let go. He fell on top of another soldier who was lying on the grass. The soldier who was thrown got up laughing and the one who broke his fall just laid there. I ran to him to see if he was ok and all I remember is that the other soldiers didnt even look at him or care and he was bleeding from his mouth just a little. I stuck my hand in his mouth because I thought he might choke on his teeth that I think were broken. I dont remember what happened after that. I must've woken up, not sure.
I find it quite strange to have dreamt of 2 people falling from above and me running to help them. Please, someone who knows about dreams help me. Thanks!
asked Feb 10, 2015 in Dreams by anonymous

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First dream is someone hurting themselves unintentionally. The other dream was pain caused by misconduct. We all hurt by our own hands or by the actions of others. The point is just caring can hurt. To be hurt is part of life we are not usually protected from. Find balance in your emotions or mental anguish may set in and cause pain to others.
answered Dec 28, 2015 by The_Sage Inquisitive Expert (1,250 points)


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