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What do you do if you are A girl who likes girls and you are in love with your best friend but she likes guys?

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The question is pretty self explanatory, but  I am a 15 year old girl and ive had a huge crush on my best friend for a couple years now and  I like absoultely everything about her. Shes gorgeous, shes the nicest person in the world, she understands me better than anyone in the world and we never get awkward or bored shes just perfect. Theres one HUGE problem, she is straight. Although she siad she could maybe like girls, like shes bicurious. What should  I do?say something?   Do nothing? Help!
asked Aug 9, 2012 in Lesbian by anonymous
If you say something, you can jeapordize your friendship. If you guys were meant for each other, she will come to you and it will work out. If she isn't, then shes not your girl.
All these people are telling you how to romance her. If she is straight she is straight. When I went through this in high school I had to learn that straight girls can't love me how I want to love them. Just get her drunk and take what you want. Leave it at that. Once you like her the friendship will go away.

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Talk to her Ask her if she is interested in starting anything? Tell her you think she is cute
answered Aug 19, 2012 by anonymous
You could lose your best friend. If you know she likes boys, best to look for another girl.
Leave it alone. Straight gals or gay for a day will just mess with your heart and mind. Plenty of women out there looking for you right now who ARE gay. Let them find you!
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I say ignore the others. They don't understand. I was just like u at one point and understand what you are going through. So you like your straight best friend. You have some options since she's bicurious. Firstly, make her go on the computer and read like lesbian love and sex and stuff. If she doesn't like that then she might not be bi. But if she says something along the lines of I don't care what gender I just want love then you can ask her if she wants to try to find love with you. Ask her if she would give it a shot. If she says yes then great but if she says no then ask why. If she says she's afraid to lose you as a friend then nod your head and let it be. Don't risk your friendship if she's that awesome to you. If she says yes then be happy but don't go to fast. Bicurious people are actually more timid then normal people because society shuns bi lesbian or gay people because of their reasons. Take it all nice and easy, a brush of hair from the face here, a hug there. Try to keep it slow and enjoy your time with her as a person. If you rush into it she will back out and probably not talk to you for a few days or just act like nothing ever happened between yall. Don't be afraid of rejection, embrace it. It will make you q stronger person and even I'd it hurts, it eventually fades. If she is really willing she will give it a try, if she is scared of losing such a close friendship then don't push her, if she doesnt think you and her should try because she's scared, comfort her and still be close bffs. Trust me, I almost lost my bff when I asked her out. We are still sisters and have fun but it kinda hangs in the air. I hope this helps you and if you lose confidence in yourself read this again! From a thirteen year old girl who hopes everything goes wonderful for you.
answered Oct 31, 2012 by anonymous
Stupid!! I say just freanch. Kiss and see if she will link tongues!
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Ok so, here is what you do..., first ask her if she is willing to try to be lesbean. If she says no, then ask her again and again until she finally gives in! If she keeps saying no, then grab her, rub her, and freanch kiss, and if she keeps it up for a while. Then you can move on to the sexualy part of it!
answered Nov 8, 2012 by anonymous
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i would move on if she has a bf or tell her how u feel and see what happends
answered Jan 28, 2013 by anonymous
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Well first ask her if she'll ever date date a lesbian BUT REMEMBER TO BE SUBTLE 

if answer is no : sorry 

YES: tell her your feelings 

answered Jan 11, 2014 by Eury


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