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Why do people ( specifically gays) compare their rights to the civil rights movement?

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Don't get me wrong, I'm not homophobic, I believe gays have rights, I have gay friends but I just don't get it. I know there are major similarities like the fact that gays are beaten, hated, an felt like they don't belong but black people couldn't eat at the same restaurants, go to the same bathrooms, or drink at the same water fountains. I believe that you are born gay cuz no one really makes a choice in their life when they decide who they are attracted to. I didn't make a choice to be black or straight but I can't hide the fact that I am black. Gay people have the choice to come out of the closet and I respect the ones that do because you shouldn't hide who you are. I do know their are some states and countries that don't accept gay at all because I am Jamaican and in Jamaica people are killed for being gay. I do not believe anyone should be killed for who they are. I just think that the struggles blacks went through were worse compared to what gays went through and are still going through. I want your honest opinion and please no rude comments because I am not trying to be rude I just want a well thought out answer. Oh and also I know civil rights isn't just about black people but the civil rights movement is.
asked Nov 6, 2012 in US History by anonymous
It is easy to say you have gay friends, but when it comes to gay people living and coexisting with all people it is different.  Gays don't have the protection of being there and supporting there mate as everyone else in the world in emergencies.  That don't have the right live and own real property together with the rights every one else enjoy.  They are discriminated against in housing in many parts of this country.

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