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what if a attorney slanders your name in a motion to withdraw custody case

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i would like to file a complaint with the bar following my name beeing slaNDERED BY THE FAMILY LAW ATTORNEY I HAD THAT WITHDREW IN MIDDLE of the case telling judge i was uncooperative
asked Jan 17, 2018 in Lawyers by debbie courtney

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You can not compare to me . my first lawyer allowed molicious fabracated evedence and my wife to be called to the stand by a woman known to police . they rerote the AOPC five times and 8 ag assaults on police and other first degree felonies with only 1300 damage to an unoucupied cabbin that sat on land that i sold but the lawyer deeded the wrong property and caused a hassel . ifired the first lawyer in my crim case for failure to provide counsel he lasted 6 mo. for11000. then i hiered a lawyer running for judge and we picked 2 juries then 2 days before trial he recused himself and the court judge allowed it 3500 . on a friday aftercourt was over i was taken before the judge told about recusel then beaten in the stairwell in chains and cuffs then involintary commitment snd forced to take a apointed counsel and he refused to look back on any rights violations and plea bargened without me i was reliesed then 4 months later was ordered compitent to stand trial . lots more too . welcome to the commonwelth bro aw on the way out the second lawyer told the judge that i admitted guilt to him . all i wanted was a jury trial , instead igot fucked and lost my hole world my wife and children my home and my pride if there was any left . dictators are us welcomes you home . good luck with the review or bord .
answered May 8, 2019 by anonymous


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