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STD question, is he cheating?!?!

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Yes. My question is about Chlamydia testing. I have been with the same partner for over a year, nobody else. I know he had an std test before we dated with all negatives, but he slept with 2 women with condoms after that test and was not retested again. Throughout our relationship, I was getting UTIs and treated with Bactrim. I had them test me 2 of those times for STDs and it was negative. They thought it was odd that I had symptoms without much bacteria (like e coli) in my urine, sometimes there was blood. Last month I had a full panel STD test, evetything negative still. My boyfriend got tested last week and is positive for Chlamydia. Why am I not positive too? If he caught it from one of those 2 girls before me and we slept almost a year together on/off with condoms, wouldn't I get infected by then? Is there any other explanation than he had to have cheated? He told me the doctor told him it could have been laying dormant all this time due to his strong immune system. Is there any legitimacy to that or do I need to face that fact of cheating? Could my negative tests have been false negatives? I always had the UTI symptoms after sex with him. Was Chlamydia being hidden in that? He never had any symtpoms. His doctor made me and him take Azithromycin, so at least it should be dealt with now. I want to be sure his doctor was not just feeding him with a line to tell me, but I don't want to accuse him of cheating if that's not the case either. Any help discussing all realistic possibilities will save me so much grief, please. Thank you.
asked Jan 20, 2018 in Health Topics by Help

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