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What is the appropriate age to take a kitten home?

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The kitten is going to be 4 weeks old.
asked Mar 13, 2018 in Cats by Chinita Reyes
A kitten should be at least 6 weeks old before it is adopted. If it is orphaned, and needs a home sooner than that, it will require extra care in feeding, etc., which should be fine under veterinarian supervision. At 6 weeks a kitten is old enough to start it's kitten series of vaccinations. These early vaccinations are crucial for a healthy life, and mustn't ever be skipped! Deworminging may be necessary, and the vet will do this. CAUTION: if you have other cars at home, the new kitten should be tested for diseases like FeLv (feline leukemia) and FIP, as well as any other contagious diseases that your other cars can catch, and for which there aren't any cures. If you have no other cars at home, it's all right to adopt a kitten with these deseases, and if it's all taken care off, and KEPT STRICTLY INDOORS, the kitten could live a good life, of 10 years of so. Cats who are disease free and are given proper care, and always kept INDOORS can be expected to live to the age of 18 or more years. The important thing is to keep your cats INDOORS for life. This can increase their life span by more than twice, and keep them healthy and safe. Also, have the kitten spayed or neutered by the age of 5 months. Females should be spayed BEFORE their first heat (it is a FALACY that one should wait until the first heat is complete.) Heat usually occurs at 6-9 months of age. Males should be neutered by 5 months to avoid any aggressive or "impolite" behaviour. And any new or old pet must be made a family member and a life committment. And they deserve the very best treatment in the world. They have souls and give their love unconditionally.  If you cannot do the same for them, you should NEVER get a pet! If and when you do, please adopt one from a shelter, not a pet store. Adopt, don't shop!

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