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A neighboring tenant took an antenna off of my roof

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I live in an apartment complex when I moved into my apartment there was previously an antenna on the roof there is now clause where there cannot be any put on the roof or in the yards a lady behind me angled behind me catty-corner decided to run a cable I don't know why it's having to be hooked up to the pole but it's on the exterior wall of my apartment and hooked up that antenna to her house and put a splitter on it and I tried to hook up to it and she will not share it with me even though it's not her antenna the cord she ran is but I don't need her cord my house is wired for the antenna. The manager finally said she was going to have to take the cord down because it does state in the lease if you have an antenna it cannot touch anyone else's property or exterior or interior well she went up there now that it's the weekend and took it down the antenna and took it to her house I guess and I belong to the property here the manager was going to get details on the situation but this lady took it into her hands just to take it off can I get her for trespassing?
asked May 19, 2019 in Audio Video by Lisa

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