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How do I legally clear my nameRegarding a situation and my former manager and ex-boyfriend slandering me

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Was manipulated by a former manager and boss into a sexual relationship by way of being deceptive about pertinent facts and his personal life that would Daymark and sent to either a relationship or sexual relationship. I contacted this other person and outed him in the process he has slandered me accused me of stalking him  harassing him put up every roadblock possible has been also drinking and driving in his commercial company vehicle but his brother is district manager and has covered for him every step of the way. He has called me psychotic insane and has posted me as someone who is mentally unstable due to my reaction two years ago when this happened because it caused me to have to go to therapy and literally had a nervous break down because of it. This has damage my professional reputation as we are  in the same industry and he has blocked me in every way from being able to get the fax of the situation out to those that it is most part it to including the HR manager of the company this also involves criminal situation where he struck me with his company vehicle while I was trying to get back in my vehicle knocking me to the ground and left the scene and is still driving the vehicle as we speak today and manager of the store. I just want the facts and details to be out to those necessary to clear my name and to let those who are involved  no the truth because I am the victim here and it has cost me my livelihood is well lost a job was forced to deal with a pregnancy alone very complicated but relationship begin four years ago I’m sorry six years ago and ended two years ago but I am still being slandered he is still running and acting as if when he sees me that I am trying to stock him cannot go into two or three different local towns because of this he is also contacted law-enforcement because of me trying to convey Information or confront him on his deception and his comments regarding me etc. I don’t realize or know how I can handle this legally by way of still getting the specific details out to those that need it without something criminal or legal happening to me
asked Aug 22, 2019 in Legal Topics by MKennedy

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